Los Angeles and Bay Area actor Solana Paz

Los Angeles and Bay Area actor Solana Paz[/caption]In getting caught up with Los Angeles and Bay Area actor Solana Paz, the “elegant raven-haired Argentinian beauty with the a warrior spirit” takes a sales approach to audition rejection–why each “no” is an opportunity to polish your craft rather than a personal judgment. She explains whys she’s not interested Game of Thrones for professional reasons while preferring the violence of pummeling a podcast host into submission. In our chat, we discuss the importance of having a creative tribe, working in Los Angeles, career goals and, most importantly, what is her go-to karaoke song.

The Dave Lewis Show
The Dave Lewis Show
Fifty No's for 1 Yes--Why the Numbers Work for Actor Solana Paz
May 23, 2019

Fifty No’s for 1 Yes–Why the Numbers Work for Actor Solana Paz

"Auditioning and acting--getting the gig are two different jobs, very different jobs. When you to go an audition. your job is to carry out the audition, period. It's not to get the job because you may or may not get the job and that's completely unrelated to what you did in the audition. So when I go to the auditions, I'm going just for that--for the audition, for the experience. I love it. I audition for three main reasons."
May 15, 2019

Big Time with Whitney Allen’s Earns Masters From the School of Hard Knocks

"I had the moment of 'Oh, God. I'm gonna die.' Then my brain went like this, "God, I'm gonna die. I'm not gonna die like this. I had my hand on my three dogs who were totally calm in the passengers seat and I said, 'Please God, don't like me die like this.' It was harrowing. If there had been a tree, Dave, across that road or a branch, we wouldn't have made it."
May 6, 2019

It’s Okay That You’re Not Okay–Coming Clean During National Mental Health Month

"You're not perceived as weak. You're perceived as, actually, in my eyes, more courageous because is takes so much vulnerability and self-knowledge and self-awareness to stand fully and say I need help."
April 7, 2019

A look at the NBA post season and life in Hollywood with Bill Herenda

"Because I have a vast amount of experience in sales as well, and I think the rejection is something you have to deal with in a very positive way. It's like you may have done a fine job but maybe you're just not the best fit. It's about the recognition of auditioning, I think it may have been Bryan Cranston I saw talk about this or Al Pacino...where they talk about,'That's your five minutes. That's your work for today. You do get to act today and it just happens to be in the audition. And to embrace that I think is very important."
February 23, 2019

Bay Area Actor Solana Paz is Living the Dream

"If I don't get it, it's there loss. There's so many factors. If they don't want an accent and I went with my best accent, okay. That's out of my control at that moment. If I look like the ex-girlfriend of somebody and they don't want to hire me, I have zero control over that. There are so many factors that, honestly, I just don't take it personally. It's not up to me."
February 8, 2019

Bill Herenda’s Hollywood Breatkthrough

"If you're not nervous, that's a problem...Pressure is a privilege. I think that may have been Billie Jean King. And to really understand that and get after it, it's really important. And I think there's a balance, too. Of recognizing you are enough, too. And that's what Jenna Fischer talks about in her book that sometimes you don't have to be over the top--that you are enough."