Here's what some other industry professionals have to say about Dave:

  • Dennis O'Donnell
    "Dave is one of the most resourceful people in the business. He's a Swiss army knife and a jack of all trades.  He's one extremely talented guy."
    Dennis O'Donnell
    Sports Anchor, KPIX 5 San Francisco
  • larry beil
    "Few people in the business have the versatility Dave displays. Whether it's anchoring or play-by-play or even acting, he is totally committed to his craft and it shows on the air."
    Larry Beil
    Sports Anchor, ABC 7 San Francisco
  • mario bobino
    "Dave is a very talented person who is very professional and gets the job done. He's easy to work with and takes direction well. Overall, he's a very stand up guy and look forward to working with him again."
    Mario Bobino
    Actor, Director, Producer - Debonair Productions
  • darren arbet
    "While working with Dave, not only was I blown away with his talent as a play-by-play commentator, but also as one of the Sabercats Weekly hosts. Dave went above and beyond to get our games on the radio in 2015 when it seemed all doors were closed--a real go-getter."
    Darren Arbet
    Former owner/coach of the San Jose Sabercats of the Arena Football League
  • shawn flanagan
    "Dave Lewis reminds me of a fine bottle of wine, he gets better with age. I've admired his work in radio for over 20 years and what I've noticed most is his attention to detail. Dave and I finally had the chance to work together on an independent film and needless to say, I wasn't surprised at his attention to detail both on and off screen. While so many look forward to retirement, it's nice to hear Dave talk about all the future possibilities in radio, movie making and most importantly, Health & Fitness. Keep talking Dave, I'm always tuned in!"
    Shawn Flanagan
    Filmmaker, Almaden Films
  • steve bitker
    "Dave Lewis is one of my favorite sportscasters, and not just because I work with him. He’s an artist behind the mic. He crystallizes the day in sports, every half-hour, into a light, tight and bright two minutes, highlighting the big stories, with key sound from the athletes and the play-by-play voices. He’s always entertaining and informative to listen to. I’d listen to him even if he wasn’t on KCBS."
    Steve Bitker
    Morning sports anchor, KCBS San Francisco
  • erik alves
    "Dave Lewis is one of the most prepared broadcasters in the industry today. For him each story is an important one to be told and no detail is too small if it will help the broadcast. Dave is tireless in this pursuit. Also, his diverse sporting knowledge is an important attribute he possesses. I have seen his dedication to be knowledgeable in a wide variety of sports on display while working with him on high school football, high school and college basketball, college soccer, and road course races. Those are just the tip of the iceberg with Dave’s background whether it be on radio or TV, Dave Lewis is a true professional."
    Erik Alves
    Sports Producer, Comcast Hometown Network
  • richard kilwien
    "Dave Lewis is a highly-committed, professional play-by-play announcer with a great deal of energy and talent. He is thoroughly prepared well before each event and does an excellent job of describing the action on the floor/field. He is creative enough to find solutions to technical and other obstacles and is completely open to the constant changing of technology in the radio/internet industry. I think really highly of Dave and his abilities."
    Richard Kilwien
    Associate Athletic Director at Saint Mary’s College of California
  • mike preston
    "Dave Lewis is a consummate professional….from his early days as a high energy Top 40 personality to his sports anchor work on both radio and TV, and his play by play assignments, Dave shows his passion and high level skills on a daily basis. Add to a strong work ethic his entrepreneurial spirit and his strong to desire to mentor young people, Dave defines what a winner really is: an amazing person."
    Mike Preston
    Program Director, KPLX and KSCS Dallas/Fort Worth
  • hilary laurie
    "To be honest, part of me is still blown away by the fact that I can not only say that Dave Lewis is a colleague, but also a friend. Professional and incredibly intelligent, he’s also one of the most humble and generous people I’ve ever worked with in the media industry. From his career to his family and friends, Dave thinks nothing of going that extra yard to constantly improve and excel – not just for himself, but for those around him. I personally think everyone who has the chance to know him should thank their lucky stars for such a loyal, hardworking and admirable individual."
    Hilary Laurie
    PR/Marketing Specialist, Social Media Strategist, Freelance Writer/Copy Editor, Sports Fanatic