Catching up with Grammy-Nominated Americana duo JC & Laney

"You've caught us at a time where I've had the unfortunate happen here with a broken foot. Normally, if I had a broken foot and would be in a walking boot, maybe over the course of the six week period that I have to be in it, I would have had maybe 12 shows. It just so happens I've been the boot 25 days and we've done 19 shows with a broken foot. We have extra together time now because I can't do a lot of things for myself...Like probably every couple we probably get on each other's nerves a lot during the day. We get off stage and that always seems to be healed. "

Americana duo JC & Laney

A chance meeting in a bar led to a professional collaboration and much more for the Americana duo of JC and Laney of Maricopa, Arizona. Their 7th CD, Hard Road to Easy Street, was a 1st round ballot choice in the Americana Category for the 58th Grammy Awards (2016) and also placed first in the Recording Academy sponsored Grammy Amplifier They have worked with legendary producer, Steve Wood, former musical director & keyboardist for Kenny Loggins. The couple took time from their summer residency to tell their story of inspiration to live a full life pursue your dreams and that it it’s never too late to get started.

The Dave Lewis Show
The Dave Lewis Show
Catching up with Grammy-Nominated Americana duo JC & Laney


  1. Love these two, always enjoy watching and listening to these two when I get the opportunity!

  2. Suz Zeller says:

    I have known these two since at least 2011 working as a volunteer coordinator for The Tucson Folk Festival they submitted work for entry in the Folk Festival they played consecutive years at The Festival, so loved by all; won songwriting contests and the headliner spots.

  3. Cynthia Jacobsen says:

    Love these two whole bunches!!! Great interview!

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