"We're so influenced by having an image to uphold to others, having to be this person that everyone worships. Everyone wants to be that person. You have to compete with each other for likes on Instagram. You've got to look good on Instagram; you've got to look good on Facebook....I think most of it is just the pressure that's put on us teens today with school, social media, socially and everything that goes on."

Former Serra High School Quarterback Luke Bottari with Dave Lewis

Following the death of a former girlfriend, Serra High School quarterback Luke Bottari vowed to make a difference. As a 15-year-old, he started a non-profit to raise awareness of teen suicide and remove the stigma surrounding mental health. Since starting Play 4 Prevention, Bottari has educated himself and others on the issues facing today’s youth. His message supersedes a decorated playing career that includes the Padres’ first state championship. On his way to spreading the word and proving doubters wrong on the field, Bottari stopped by to get us caught up on life, the Serra experience and hoping to save a life with our conversation.

The Dave Lewis Show
The Dave Lewis Show
Winning the Game of Life--High School Quarterback Makes a Difference on and off the Field

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