Seven-time Gold Glove outfielder Curt Flood

Seven-time Gold Glove outfielder and two-time World Series champion Curt Flood fought the system and lost his career. By rejecting a trade from St. Louis to Philadelphia, Flood became a pariah. But in doing so, paved the way for free agency in professional sports. Fifty years after taking his stand, Flood remains on the outside of the Hall of Fame. But thanks to his family, Flood will not be forgotten with a push to get him into Cooperstown. Curt Flood Jr. spoke to Dave about his father’s legacy and the continued fight to get the recognition he richly deserves.

The Dave Lewis Show
The Dave Lewis Show
Curt Flood Jr. Continues Push to Get Dad into Cooperstown
January 8, 2020

Curt Flood Jr. Continues Push to Get Dad into Cooperstown

"Hopefully, the iconic players and the superstar players will recognize that their great fortune has roots. And if you let Cooperstown tell the story, between lifetime contracts and voluntary servitude...going from that to free agency to blockbuster $330 million deals, there's a continuity issue...It"s a glaring and embarrassing, in my opinion, absence.""
December 27, 2019

From Tragedy to Triumph: The Doghouse’s Elvis Medina Reinvents Himself With New Purpose

"I blamed myself for everything that happened afterwards and went into severe depression...It wasn't my fault but I took it on my shoulders. If I'd been a better this and that then that wouldn't have happened. You can't live like that. It was just a tough time. It's tougher on the holidays and her birthday.
December 16, 2019

FCS National Coach of the Year Troy Taylor on the turnaround at Sacramento State

"My first pass of the year was an interception....I still remember there was an offensive coach who wanted to go with the other quarterback and talk Max (Miller) into it. Max said 'No" and remember him saying 'Troy is our quarterback' and sticking with me and giving me a chance. We ended up having a good season...One of the things I learned from Max was how important it is that your players know you believe in them and how important that is for their confidence and them feeling accepted and valued."
November 12, 2019

Ted Griggs of NBC Sports Network on the Mission to Remove Stigma of Mental Health Issues with Documentary

"I believe we all have depression at certain times of our lives. I believe all have highs too high and lows too low and that's part of being a human being. It's how you deal with those and it's being able to talk to friends, family, teammates, coaches, co-workers and find a safe place where you can admit 'I'm not okay.' And that's what we hope that this documentary leads to."
October 29, 2019

NBA contributor Bill Herenda on Warriors’ Struggles, New Season and Life in Hollyood

"You cannot get caught up on the results and you have to really focus on the process because there could be a variety of reasons why people get booked certain jobs and why sometimes it doesn't work out. I think it's the matter of being the best you can be and the role will find you. ...'Everyone else is taken, You have to be yourself.' I think Oscar Wilde said that and that's true because you can't get hung up on the results. You're going to have good auditions and you're going to have auditions that miss the mark and I've had those as well. It's about enjoying, staying in the moment and the results will ultimately take care of themselves.
September 12, 2019

Zack Bayrouty Reflects on his Major League Debut Behind the Mic

"It was pretty surreal. I remember pulling up and I was trying to convince myself that I belong there that day. And it's obviously humbling to get to do something like this. Not a lot of people get that opportunity and I was trying to convince myself, 'You can do this.'