Chet Yoder of the Shreveport Mudbugs pays the price to chase a dream

Any aspiring play-by-play announcer needs to hear Chet Yoder’s story. Just like a salesman, Yoder kept knocking and doors, only to not get answer. With rejections continuing to pile up, Yoder questioned his career choice before getting the call do announce minor league hockey with the Shreveport Mudbugs. Besides calling games, Yoder paints the realistic picture of due paying in order to make ends meet–enabling him to keep chasing the dream. In his conversation with Dave, Yoder becomes emotional on his getting his break, the challenges of working during the COVID-19 pandemic and what lies ahead for the Mudbugs.

Chet Yoder overcame doubt and rejection to chase play-by-play dream

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January 20, 2021

Chet Yoder overcame doubt and rejection to chase play-by-play dream

"It's remarkable because you just get told 'no' by so many teams and it was such a frustrating summer. And just a guy to give you a chance who doesn't even know you...because you're trying to break down that door. You get told 'no' and get discouraged. I was in the same boat as so many people just getting discouraged."
January 5, 2021

NBA insider Bill Herenda on early season trends; Curry explosion.

On the Marvin Bagley controversy in Sacramento: "I think this will blow over myself, personally. They've got to rise above it and realize it's got to be about winning; not about the scuttlebutt or family's unfortunate. I talk to a lot of people and they don't think that players have really changed that much but perhaps the people around them and I think this is a reflection of that. "
October 23, 2020

Why Chris Filippi Embraced Challenge of 48 miles in 48 hours.

"Every day you've got to get yourself up. You've got to use that drive to...answer the bell. And that's one of the things that appealed to me about the 4 x 4 x 48 is that essentially what your doing is--you're not taking a punch. You're not in a ring. But there are similarities to a boxing match in that you need to answer the bell not once, not twice, but you need to do it twelve times."
October 9, 2020

Seattle Storm CEO and GM Alisha Valavanis Looks Back at Championship Season

"From the very beginning, the union, the league and the teams committed to 'Say Her Name" and Black Lives Matter and those movements as kind of the focus of the season and I think it was inspiring to watch these players work on the court and work off the court. And I know the teams around the league backed the players and really focused on those two campaigns, 'Say Her Name' and Black Lives Matter."
August 28, 2020

Bill Herenda on the NBA Copes with Crisis

"Justice, equality and doing the right thing and treating people the right way and respecting everyone's life dwarfs the importance of basketball but if basketball is the vehicle you can use to generate attention and garner support for all these issues that are so important....then you try to utilize that avenue again to highlight the issues and affect change."
August 3, 2020

From Eureka to the Big Time: Whitney Allen on the Cusp of the Radio Hall of Fame

"It's been really hard for me to say, 'Put me in the Radio Hall of Fame' because I want to take all these guys with me...we're a small company. There's four of us. That's it. We have to do every little thing and there's no way I could even do one of their jobs. They have everything ready for me when it's time to go on the radio. The thought of doing it without them is not even possible."