Jason Ross of Sports 1140 KHTK Sacramento

Before his successful afternoon drive sports talk radio show, Jason Ross of 1140 KHTK offered his thoughts on the Jon Gruden situation and if other dominoes will eventually fall. At the time of the recording, Gruden was the only individual exposed of wrongdoing in an investigation of the Washington Football Team. Ross also previewed Game 5 of the NLDS with some Sac-Joaquin Section flavor on the mound for San Francisco. The Sacramento broadcasting veteran is optimistic the Kings can return to the NBA playoffs and likes chances of Sacramento State defying the polls in pursuit of a Big Sky Conference football championship. Ross and Dave also address the role of social media as a required tool of the profession while acknowledging the downside of the medium outside of business.

KHTK’s Jason Ross on Gruden’s future, Giants-Dodgers Game 5, Social Media, Kings and Sac State Football

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October 13, 2021

KHTK’s Jason Ross on Gruden’s future, Giants-Dodgers Game 5, Social Media, Kings and Sac State Football

"I think this is the NFL's pound of flesh--they got Gruden...What Gruden did there's no excuse for. I totally understand it....I agree 100 percent with Shannon Sharpe. You wonder what else have they found. This all originated about the Washington Football Team and Dan Snyder. We know the owners are out to protect themselves so if it's 'Hey, look over here. Jon Gruden was a bad guy.' I think he's just one tree in the forest.
September 15, 2021

Bay Area singer Angie Maserati on the inspiration to go for it in life without turning back

"I was in bands where I was doing 100 shows a year. Cover bands--singing other peoples music and stories which I love. I make them all my own. I forget that Steve Perry sings 'Don't stop Believing' and I feel like it's my song at this point. But that wasn't the dream. It was cutting it short to be safe to make sure everyone was happy. And then when I remembered what it was I really dreamt of my whole life--what I really, really wanted. I had to do it."
July 30, 2021

Filmmaker Michael Scordakis on Charlie and creating opportunities for actors

"In doing these movies, a lot of it is getting to know these people and their backgrounds. There are some fantastic people out there who just love acting, either as a passion or a side job or they're following a dream. We're just happy to part of their career, whatever that may be. "
July 23, 2021

Bay Area Musician and Acting Coach Bobby Weinapple Debuts Post-Pandemic Inspirational Song

"It's really interesting if we don't chose where we place our focus, we tend to focus on negative things. If there are 100 people in the audience and 99 of them are our friends, our family and loved ones and one of them is a critic from The Chronicle, where's your focus going to be?....We all were cavemen thousands of years ago and the way we survived: we cam out of cave and we'd look around and and we'd say is there anything out there that's gonna eat us?"
July 13, 2021

“Showtime” Taylor’s Story of Redemption Still has Chapters to be Written

"It's never too late. My mind is set here. When I found out I was going to the (parole) board, I automatically said okay, you're going to get out the first time you go so let's start looking at your options. Okay, when you get out, you'll be 54. It's going to be a month before you're 55th birthday. That means you're going to have an opportunity to have a career in sports broadcasting. If you can make it happen, you can start at 55 and possibly go to 80-years-old, maybe 85.... so as long as your vision is good and your mind is sharp, you can have a job in sports broadcasting."
June 30, 2021

Shreveport Mudbugs PBP Chet Yoder on Team’s NAHL Title and Paying Professional Dues

"I'll call the Mudbugs' game then head over to the El Dorado and deal some cards or supervise all the way up to 8 a.m. and sleep for maybe five or six hours and do it again on Saturday night. And then after Saturday night, I'll come home Sunday and sleep most of the day to recover and work graveyard again Sunday night."