Cover Model Candidate Isabel Tomasino Moving Past Coronavirus to Inspire Others

They have those amazing muscles on their bodies and they look fantastic but is that attainable for the regular person? I don't believe so. They train like animals and have to have real restrictive diets to be in that shape and form. And it's for a temporary basis. Very few competitors on that level maintain that body year round. And that's not regular person. I"m the regular person. I'm the person next door who lives the lifestyle. I'm not here to tell you how to build a muscular body or this body that's going to be as hard as steel. No, I'm just a woman who's almost 50, who's learned to live a healthy balance. And I incorporate mental health, physical health, emotional health and spiritual health into my whole composition of helping people."

Isabel Tomasino on the rebound from COVID-19

Yoga pro Isabel Tomasino is clear that testing for Coronavirus didn’t create her case–she would have had COVID-19 even if there had not been testing. After recovery, Tomasino has emerged as a candidate for the cover of Ms. Health and Fitness magazine and can get over the top with your votes–hoping to inspire and show what is possible regardless of age of circumstance. She explains how the opportunity came about and that just being a part of the competition is a victory in itself. During her talk with Dave, Isabel chats about her experience with COVID-19 and how she was able to take the quarantine time and use it to her advantage. She discusses her children’s book project through the eyes of a dog along with the adjustment fitness professionals have needed to make to reinvent themselves during the pandemic. To show being healthy isn’t about denial, Tomasino and Dave share their favorite desserts that define “cheat day” and how to maintain balance to cope pressures of the world.

Cover Model Candidate Isabel Tomasino Moving Past Coronavirus to Inspire Others

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