Spokane TV and radio sports icon Dennis Patchin between haircuts during the COVID-19 pandemic

After 36 years in TV and radio in Spokane, Pacific Northwest sports icon Dennis Patchin is able to put is feet up, let his hair grow and discuss what’s ahead. Patchin is one of the many broadcasters who were displaced because of the COVID-19 pandemic and took some time to catch up with Dave. One of the few broadcasters to be allowed on the air after being told he was let go, Patchin describes what that final show was like on 700 ESPN and the gratitude for such a long run at one station. He relives some of most cherished assignments that include Washington State’s first trip to the Rose Bowl in 67 years, the rise of Gonzaga basketball and how he justifies being one of the few business who has not seen The Last Dance. How and when does he see sports returning? Is there a talk radio comeback in his future and when will he cut that hair?

Spokane Sports Icon Dennis Patchin Between Haircuts and Jobs During Coronavirus Crisis

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May 21, 2020

Spokane Sports Icon Dennis Patchin Between Haircuts and Jobs During Coronavirus Crisis

"Maybe it was time to go. I always said 36 years in one market at one station in our business is a really good run. And I'm really okay with what we did; how we did and how we accomplished it. And if that's the end, if I don't do anything ever again other than to be a husband, a dad and a grandpa, I'm really good with that."
January 24, 2020

Angie Maserati on Spreading LOVE and Hoping to Take her Voice to “The Voice”

"That's why this moment has manifested. Because when I'm at certain bars that are so small....you're like truly crammed in a corner and you can barely hear yourself. I mean, I have fought back tears....and thought 'Nooooooooooo.'"
October 29, 2019

NBA contributor Bill Herenda on Warriors’ Struggles, New Season and Life in Hollyood

"You cannot get caught up on the results and you have to really focus on the process because there could be a variety of reasons why people get booked certain jobs and why sometimes it doesn't work out. I think it's the matter of being the best you can be and the role will find you. ...'Everyone else is taken, You have to be yourself.' I think Oscar Wilde said that and that's true because you can't get hung up on the results. You're going to have good auditions and you're going to have auditions that miss the mark and I've had those as well. It's about enjoying, staying in the moment and the results will ultimately take care of themselves.
September 12, 2019

Zack Bayrouty Reflects on his Major League Debut Behind the Mic

"It was pretty surreal. I remember pulling up and I was trying to convince myself that I belong there that day. And it's obviously humbling to get to do something like this. Not a lot of people get that opportunity and I was trying to convince myself, 'You can do this.'
June 24, 2019

Catching up with Grammy-Nominated Americana duo JC & Laney

"You've caught us at a time where I've had the unfortunate happen here with a broken foot. Normally, if I had a broken foot and would be in a walking boot, maybe over the course of the six week period that I have to be in it, I would have had maybe 12 shows. It just so happens I've been the boot 25 days and we've done 19 shows with a broken foot. We have extra together time now because I can't do a lot of things for myself...Like probably every couple we probably get on each other's nerves a lot during the day. We get off stage and that always seems to be healed. "
May 6, 2019

It’s Okay That You’re Not Okay–Coming Clean During National Mental Health Month

"You're not perceived as weak. You're perceived as, actually, in my eyes, more courageous because is takes so much vulnerability and self-knowledge and self-awareness to stand fully and say I need help."