Preston Kilwien of the USL’s Charleston Battery

Former Florida Gulf Coast star left back Preston Kilwien sees big things for the upcoming season in his first year with the USL Charleston Battery. Kilwien reflects on the journey to the pros and support of those who helped him get there. The former ASUN defensive player of the year looks back at a lifetime of moves that helped him adapt to the constantly changing world of pro sports. Kilwien offers insights on the recruiting process and what kept him determined to keep playing while many of his contemporaries burned out. He discusses the challenges of maintaining a relationship and the use of technology to keep the spark alive at a distance. Also, Kilwien escapes the pitch by playing golf while also seeing qualities from swinging a club that translates to the soccer field. He also addresses the challenges of being a pro during the COVID-19 pandemic, what it takes to get to the next level and details the stories behind his various tattoos with a mixture of family tributes and spiritual inspiration.

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The Dave Lewis Show
The Dave Lewis Show
Kilwien's Attitude of Gratitude Propels Pro Soccer Career
January 14, 2022

Kilwien’s Attitude of Gratitude Propels Pro Soccer Career

On passion for golf: "It's not a team sport. I think it's all on me. So it's probably one of the first times, maybe the first thing I've ever done where it's all on me. So If I play bad, it's on me. If I'm good it's on me. As a team, we're winning together, we're playing well together, playing bad together. The second part, it's a nice mental break from soccer...In any aspect of life, you can't really harp and (focus ) on one thing all the time."
September 15, 2021

Bay Area singer Angie Maserati on the inspiration to go for it in life without turning back

"I was in bands where I was doing 100 shows a year. Cover bands--singing other peoples music and stories which I love. I make them all my own. I forget that Steve Perry sings 'Don't stop Believing' and I feel like it's my song at this point. But that wasn't the dream. It was cutting it short to be safe to make sure everyone was happy. And then when I remembered what it was I really dreamt of my whole life--what I really, really wanted. I had to do it."
July 23, 2021

Bay Area Musician and Acting Coach Bobby Weinapple Debuts Post-Pandemic Inspirational Song

"It's really interesting if we don't chose where we place our focus, we tend to focus on negative things. If there are 100 people in the audience and 99 of them are our friends, our family and loved ones and one of them is a critic from The Chronicle, where's your focus going to be?....We all were cavemen thousands of years ago and the way we survived: we cam out of cave and we'd look around and and we'd say is there anything out there that's gonna eat us?"
October 9, 2020

Seattle Storm CEO and GM Alisha Valavanis Looks Back at Championship Season

"From the very beginning, the union, the league and the teams committed to 'Say Her Name" and Black Lives Matter and those movements as kind of the focus of the season and I think it was inspiring to watch these players work on the court and work off the court. And I know the teams around the league backed the players and really focused on those two campaigns, 'Say Her Name' and Black Lives Matter."
July 31, 2020

Cover Model Candidate Isabel Tomasino Moving Past Coronavirus to Inspire Others

They have those amazing muscles on their bodies and they look fantastic but is that attainable for the regular person? I don't believe so. They train like animals and have to have real restrictive diets to be in that shape and form. And it's for a temporary basis. Very few competitors on that level maintain that body year round. And that's not regular person. I"m the regular person. I'm the person next door who lives the lifestyle. I'm not here to tell you how to build a muscular body or this body that's going to be as hard as steel. No, I'm just a woman who's almost 50, who's learned to live a healthy balance. And I incorporate mental health, physical health, emotional health and spiritual health into my whole composition of helping people."
July 11, 2020

KCBS’ Steve Bitker Beyond the Box Score: From Food to Trump

Like many during the COVID-19 pandemic, Steve Bitker has adjusted to working from home to be a continued radio presence on KCBS each morning from the […]