Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame broadcaster Steve Bitker from KCBS

Like many during the COVID-19 pandemic, Steve Bitker has adjusted to working from home to be a continued radio presence on KCBS each morning from the sports desk. The Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame broadcaster offers his candid insight on how and why this crisis has escalated. While their haven’t been games, there is still plenty of content to fill his radio segments and our conversation–where society, sports and free speech intertwine. The appreciation of fine food has become family affair along with a social consciousness that has was passed down from his father. Bitker discusses sports books, meeting the writer of an iconic favorite and the challenges of being a book author. Finally, Steve takes a peek at the career finish line and a life beyond :15 and :45.

The Dave Lewis Show
The Dave Lewis Show
KCBS' Steve Bitker Beyond the Box Score: From Food to Trump


  1. Jeffrey Taylor says:

    Steve’s dad had Parkinson’s, so did my mother. Now if I could just motivate myself to get fit….

  2. Jeffrey Taylor says:

    I glad I found your podcast, Dave. Sort of stumbled around and found it. Great talk with Steve. We’ve known each other since high school. His dad amazed me. I was moved by your work with Ralph.

    • Dave Lewis says:

      We were running out of time and we’ll be sure to get in the visit they both made to Duke for basketball late in his dad’s life. Working with Ralph is one of the true blessings in life. I told his wife I think God wants me to be there now.

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