Larry Beil of ABC 7: How to handle a daughter’s suitor “with authority”

We live on the back of this hill and I told my daughter, "Just let any of these dudes know if I catch them with alcohol, I'm throwing them over the fence. They're not going back out the front door. They are going over the fence and down the hill."

Larry Beil of ABC 7 San Francisco is one of the few sportscasters in the country who anchors news. The native of Hawaii explains his evolution as a broadcaster and looks back fondly at his days at ESPN. Beyond sports, Larry and Dave talk teleportation, fitness and parenting. Anyone with a daughter can relate to Beil as he describes his delicate handling of potential suitors, giving new meaning to his catchphrase “Aloha means goodbye.”

ABC 7’s Larry Beil worked the red carpet at the 2018 ESPY Awards

The Dave Lewis Show
The Dave Lewis Show
Larry Beil of ABC 7: How to handle a daughter's suitor "with authority"

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