"I started reaching out back in early 2000's--just started sending demo, touching base usually about once a year. 'Hey, don't forget about me. Keep me in mind.'...and then finally got a voice mail. I had gotten an e-mail saying there might be something and didn't hear anything. And then got a voice message saying if you're interested give us as call back....It was a pretty exciting moment for many, many years of bugging them and they probably got tired of me bugging them."

Pac-12 Network and Olympic Games broadcaster Krista Blunk

After two decades of knocking, Krista Blunk saw the door open and will fulfill a dream in broadcasting her first Olympic Games later this summer. She shares her story of persistence and how good things happen to those who wait while polishing her craft. From tiny Tell City, Indiana, Krista shares her story of making the transition from college athlete to professional broadcaster. Blunk also had a major breakthrough in the Spring when she was part of a historic broadcast in the NBA which brought her back to Sacramento where she worked for the Sacramento Monarchs of the WNBA. In her conversation with Dave, Blunk discusses the impact of the WNBA beyond basketball, the challenge of announcing unfamiliar sports, role models, go-to cooking dishes and her love of gum. No stone was left unturned.

The Dave Lewis Show
The Dave Lewis Show
Pac-12 Network's Krista Blunk to Make Olympic Debut Behind the Mic.

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