Shreveport Mudbugs PBP Chet Yoder on Team’s NAHL Title and Paying Professional Dues

"I'll call the Mudbugs' game then head over to the El Dorado and deal some cards or supervise all the way up to 8 a.m. and sleep for maybe five or six hours and do it again on Saturday night. And then after Saturday night, I'll come home Sunday and sleep most of the day to recover and work graveyard again Sunday night."

Shreveport Mudbugs play-by-play announcer Chet Yoder

Mission accomplished for the Shreveport Mudbugs. Following the franchise’s second Robertson Cup title, play-by-play announcer Chet Yoder reflects on the post-pandemic championship and the commitment it takes to work in the minor leagues. He details his passion for fitness, which sadly, did not help him with a graceful hoisting of the championship trophy (pictured left). Yoder confessed to needing help to getting it overhead while offering a dubious alibi for the failed lift At the mic, Yoder works with tough-to-match enthusiasm for the craft while juggling a job as a poker dealer, often working overnights before or after broadcasts, giving credit to black coffee to pull him through inevitable fatigue. He’s an example for anyone wanting to break into the business, willing to make personal sacrifices to chase the dream. In his chat with Dave, Yoder discusses nutrition, broadcasting role models and how a background in stand-up comedy has helped his play-by-play, interactions with fans and sponsors. A return to the stage could possibly be in his future but the priority his his favorite job: calling hockey for the loyal fans of Louisiana. Claws up!

The Dave Lewis Show
The Dave Lewis Show
Shreveport Mudbugs PBP Chet Yoder on Team's NAHL Title and Paying Professional Dues

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