"We had two and half minutes to talk. None of the coaches did for about two minutes and 20 seconds. And then I kind of realized what we needed to do. And I said to the team, 'Gentlemen, we need to score." And we broke and went out and ended up winning the game. So it just goes to show you how important coaching is. You have to be technically very sound."

Former Santa Clara Head Basketball Coach Dick Davey

Santa Clara Hall of Fame basketball coach Dick Davey spent 30 years at the Mission Campus and is the last coach to lead the Broncos to the NCAA Tournament. Perhaps best known for discovering a little-known point guard from Canada, Davey has left an indelible mark on the program and men who played in it. Now retired in Maui, clad in shorts and sandals, Davey spent some time looking back at remarkable career.

The Dave Lewis Show
The Dave Lewis Show
Catching up with Dick Davey


  1. Barry Mendenhall says:

    Great interview!

  2. Sam Piraro says:

    Nice interview Dave.
    I always liked Dick.

    Sam Piraro

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