Atlanta Hawks Head Coach Lloyd Pierce counts his blessings during the COVID-19 crisis

While the COVID-19 pandemic has led some to cabin fever, Atlanta Hawks Head Coach Lloyd Pierce sees opportunity. Being sheltered-in-place is giving Pierce quality with his wife and 20-month-old daughter along with a chance to pursue personal growth. With the NBA season put on pause, Pierce explains how he keeps his young team together with laughter when they are apart and how his players keep themselves physically ready for a hopeful resumption of the season. He tells Dave what inspired him to get into the profession along with his binge-watching favorites and a thorough breakdown of Tiger King.

The Dave Lewis Show
The Dave Lewis Show
Atlanta Hawks Head Coach Lloyd Pierce Embraces Blessings Through the Crisis
April 16, 2020

Atlanta Hawks Head Coach Lloyd Pierce Embraces Blessings Through the Crisis

"It's really an opportunity for me to try and get better as a person, as a coach, as a human being and as a family member. I say it all the time. 'I'm not afraid to learn.' And so I'm using every opportunity that I can to learn something new. Everybody's on Zoom; everybody's on Facetime chats. I'm doing a lot of audio books. I'm trying to read from and hear everything I possibly can. It's a great opportunity to just grow."
June 23, 2019

Mahershala Ali plays for St. Mary’s College ’96

Before becoming an Academy Award winning actor, Mahershala Ali was known as Mahershala Gilmore as a college basketball player at Saint Mary's. A cassette was found with Gilmore and the Gaels playing Santa Clara on Feb. 18, 1996.
December 24, 2018

Catching up with Dick Davey

"We had two and half minutes to talk. None of the coaches did for about two minutes and 20 seconds. And then I kind of realized what we needed to do. And I said to the team, 'Gentlemen, we need to score." And we broke and went out and ended up winning the game. So it just goes to show you how important coaching is. You have to be technically very sound."
December 9, 2018

Pure Hate: Rivals Compare Notes on Saint Mary’s v. Santa Clara

"The year we cut the program for football was our freshmen year," said former Bronco Drew Zurek. "Within a couple weeks, it may have been that week, we were playing in Moraga. And their students! I don't know how many footballs we saw in the crowd that day. They had students that went behind our bench and were playing catch with the football right in front of the Santa Clara crowd."