"Macy Gray is known across the profession as a problem. She's lost a lot of work that way. And she was a huge superstar, as you know...Fortunately, I wasn't in charge of the gig"

Internationally known jazz composer, music director, performer and educator Jack Cooper

On his way to Berlin, Jack Cooper took some time to reflect on a remarkable career in music. Once an aspiring baseball player, Cooper parlayed a childhood love of jazz into a life most can only dream of–touring the world as a composer, music director and artist. He’s collaborated with heavyweights that read like a who’s who of the the industry. Cooper lists his favorites and who was a nightmare to work with? In a lighthearted moment, Jack speaks of the girl from high school he adored who someday will be an inspiration for a song. He clearly identifies with those of us who had the girl who really cared about us…”as a friend.”

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