KUBE 93.3 morning host Strawberry on Russell Wilson’s future, mouth-taping and man-eating pigs

"We're fascinated by random things. I'll see a weird Tik Tok like this woman who said, 'I just learned that pigs can eat people and to this day in 2022, farmers are having heart attacks in the pig pen and they die because the pigs eat them.' And so I said, 'That's crazy. That is so random. How weird.'...and we had a bunch of calls and text messages and e-mails like 'That does happen. There's a First 48 episode about it' or "My uncle was on a farm and it's true. He lost his brother to a pig eating accident.' So it just goes down a rabbit hole. "

93.3 KUBE FM morning host Strawberry

93.3 KUBE morning man Strawberry offers his insights on putting together a morning show that can stand out from the competitors while touching on subject matter everyone can relate to like when it’s time to have “the talk” with kids. We talk about the future of Russell Wilson with the Seahawks, his new role with the NHL’s Kraken along with offbeat topics like mouth taping and man-eating pigs. Not only does Strawberry host his terrestrial radio show but an uncensored podcast three times a week to give the audience a deeper look into his and co-host Lizette Love’s personal lives. Strawberry and Dave look back on the former van driver’s humble beginnings at Hot 97.7 in San Jose including some surprising outtakes of his early career and how radio was able to connect with the local community in a different way before technology changed the business. He talks about the dream of one day running a pet sanctuary, aspiring guitar practice and the struggle to find a balance between work and personal life.

The Dave Lewis Show
The Dave Lewis Show
KUBE 93.3 morning host Strawberry on Russell Wilson's future, mouth-taping and man-eating pigs

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