"Where it hit me the most was our intro running onto the field. The corner of the end zone and the tunnel we came out of--it was like deja vu because I remember vividly running out of that tunnel being introduced for my first start in Vegas. My first game was the first game of the Vegas franchise and I was the starting quarterback for that game. When I came out of that tunnel, it was 'Dalton Sneed for the Vegas Knight Hawks.' Now, I was standing in this tunnel and they were about to call us out...It's amazing how life works and comes full circle. I was a part of that team and it felt like in a blink of an eye I was back there in that tunnel standing in the same spot thinking 'Wow'. The only words I had for it were "Wow, I'm about to run out of this tunnel and play for a national championship."

The Bay Area Panthers completed the turnaround from a 1-15 season to Indoor Football League National Champions. The Panthers were led by quarterback Dalton Sneed, who was playing for his third team in two seasons, revitalized his career by leading the lead in passing percentage and touchdown to interception ratio. Sneed and Dave talk about the journey to become a champion and the injury that nearly kept him from taking the field where he began his pro career. Dalton appreciates hee support system that helped him get there, the chip on his shoulder and what it will take to get to the next level. He views the world with an attitude of gratitude to get him through struggles along with reliving one of his college highlights. The moment as a player at UNLV his freshman season landed him a spot on ESPN’s Top 10. Finally, Sneed addresses the timeline and plan to sort out his professional future.

The Dave Lewis Show
The Dave Lewis Show
IFL National Championship Game MVP Dalton Sneed

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