"It's been really hard for me to say, 'Put me in the Radio Hall of Fame' because I want to take all these guys with me...we're a small company. There's four of us. That's it. We have to do every little thing and there's no way I could even do one of their jobs. They have everything ready for me when it's time to go on the radio. The thought of doing it without them is not even possible."

Whitney Allen has traveled from Eureka to The Big Time–now a finalist for the Radio Hall of Fame

Whitney Allen knew what she wanted to be as a five-year-old girl–wanting a career in radio but not to sound like the woman who would try to steal your boyfriend. With a start in Eureka, Allen has endured the bumps and bruises of the business to become the host of the nationally syndicated The Big Time with Whitney Allen. Over the years, she’s navigated between Top 40 and country, not derailed by termination but strengthened by determination to become a force in country music radio. The ride has taken her beyond anything she could imagine and is a one of four finalists in her category for the Radio Hall of Fame, receiving endorsements from the biggest names in the business, including Kenny Chesney, Luke Bryan, Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert. During her chat with Dave, Whitney snippets from some of her favorite interviews. She thanks her support staff for being the glue to the show and what she thinks has been the key to her success. Whitney shares her love of animals and how surviving the Woolsey fired strengthened her attitude of gratitude that has been fortified in the nomination process.

The Dave Lewis Show
The Dave Lewis Show
From Eureka to the Big Time: Whitney Allen on the Cusp of the Radio Hall of Fame

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