Movie writer/director Shawn Flanagan of Almaden Films

Veteran Bay Area filmmaker Shawn Flanagan looks back at his career in the business and explains the inspiration behind his latest project, The Moretti Brothers. Flanagan looks back at his inspiration–a chance screening of Rocky III in San Jose, strong-armed by his girlfriend to see the movie. It’s a moment that changed his life and set his course in the profession.

Flanagan discusses with Dave how his son taught him patience that translates into the business and why the skills of an actor do not necessarily translate into being better communicators in interpersonal relationships.

The discussion ends with Shawn’s need to cut through meandering excuses and respond with brutal honestly–he feels it’s a method to save multiple parties time and frustration while giving Dave new tools to work with.

The Dave Lewis Show
The Dave Lewis Show
Filmmaker Shawn Flanagan on The Moretti Brothers and the need for brutal honesty
February 9, 2022

Filmmaker Shawn Flanagan on The Moretti Brothers and the need for brutal honesty

"We're trying to figure out what movie she goes hey let's see this movie here. It's Rocky 3. I go 'I don't want to see a boxing movie' and and I didn't I did not want to see a boxing movie I wanted to see something like you know Somewhere in Time or On Golden Pond or something like that, right? So we ended up going to see Rocky 3 and that movie changed my life... I remember the movie opening it said 'starring Sylvester Stallone' and then I remember it said 'written and directed by Sylvester Stallone' and I go and this is when I'm doing extra work in movies and I'm trying to figure out what I'm gonna do. Am I going to be a makeup artist? Am I gonna be a stunt man? Am I gonna be an actor? What am I? I know I want to do something. And I say 'I want to do that." And not to mention the shape that he was in...I've never seen any human being like this in my life so that movie changed my life and it made me do the things that I've done in in the film world."
August 2, 2020

Oakland Filmmaker Bobino’s Perseverance Pays off with Success of My Culture

"I went to the Netflix office, had on my suit and the receptionist said 'Good morning' and I just walked right past her like I was supposed to be there. And then I got to the elevator and I'm like 'I got this far. Now I gotta go talk to somebody.' So I asked some woman, 'Who do you talk to about getting a film distributed. I just made a movie.' She said, 'Okay, let me get back to you, sir.' And she goes in the elevator. I didn't know what floor to go to. Then security comes down and escorts me out of driving back I felt good because at least I tried. I had confidence enough in myself to think if I could have got past that door, if somebody saw my movie, it would have been picked up.'