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It was appointment radio. Elvis and J.V. took the Bay Area by storm as the preeminent morning radio show in the mid 90’s. When the run ended, Elvis had to cope with the trauma of a serious car accident and losing his father, ex-wife within the span of a few months. Still going after more than three decades in the business, he looks back at the highs and lows in radio, the origination of his on-air name along with a new life as a entrepreneur by starting Podcast To Go and the move back to Southern California to produce the Cannibis 101 podcast.

The Dave Lewis Show
The Dave Lewis Show
From Tragedy to Triumph: The Doghouse's Elvis Medina Reinvents Himself With New Purpose
December 27, 2019

From Tragedy to Triumph: The Doghouse’s Elvis Medina Reinvents Himself With New Purpose

"I blamed myself for everything that happened afterwards and went into severe depression...It wasn't my fault but I took it on my shoulders. If I'd been a better this and that then that wouldn't have happened. You can't live like that. It was just a tough time. It's tougher on the holidays and her birthday.
January 24, 2019

Getting to know Jojo on the Radio: From Michael Jackson to the Paranormal

"My mom would take me and my sister on picnics and she thought it was a nice place to sit and have lunch...and she would take us to graveyards and we would just sit and eat outside the graveyard...we weren't visiting Uncle so-and-so who we miss and love. Nothing like that. It was just a place outdoors to chill and I'd walk around the graveyard thinking "Man, this is fascinating yet scary. There was something very creep about it.