Bay Area pop singer Angie Maserati

The journey continues for Bay Area pop singer Angie Maserati, hoping to inspire others to chase their dreams “that have no expiration date.” At the time of the recording with Dave, Maserati has reached the quarterfinal round in her quest to become “The Opening Act” at the Audacy show at Hollywood Bowl. You can vote at:

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The Dave Lewis Show
The Dave Lewis Show
Pop Singer Angie Maserati on journey to the quarterfinals of "The Opening Act"
August 23, 2022

Pop Singer Angie Maserati on journey to the quarterfinals of “The Opening Act”

"There weren't a lot of examples of thriving, really killing it in motherhood. It's different now with people who have already made it. Everyone knows that J-Lo has her twins, you know, and that's fantastic. She wasn't trying to make it and have her kids. She'd already made it. I'd like to be the other side of that story. I'd like to be that "she's 49-years-old, three children, passionate as ever. The fire is burning out of control and is relevant, lit up, hungry, excited, dreaming and reality."
August 3, 2022

Angie Maserati’s quest from headliner to Audacy’s Opening Act

"With this platform of benefitting the American Suicide Prevention Foundation...having to pretend to be something to please a group of people--sometimes it's your own family, friend group of whatever. And denying truth or some parts of're afraid that you won't be enough and that you won't be loved anymore. That's so painful and creates circumstances that it's better to end their life."
September 28, 2018

Angie Maserati is Going Pedal to the Metal for Musical Success

"I never show up knowing what I'm getting paid for a gig. I never ask. I'll leave without getting my check, which is not good. So managers out there who are listening and think they can rip me off, no!