September 8, 2018

Steve Nash: Life lessons from an all-time great

Prepping for my first game as the play-by-play announcer at Santa Clara University in November 1995, I attended practice and waited to interview star point guard […]
July 25, 2018

Former Sabercats Coach Darren Arbet Reinvents Himself at Cabrillo College

I said, "Hey, Coach. I'm going to go grab a bite?. He goes "Lunch? I've got four kids over there. I don't even know who they are. Their coach sent 'em here. Three guys over there don't have 12 units. Those four over there don't have a place to stay. We still gotta do playbooks. There's some stale donuts in the foyer there. Grab some of them if you're hungry and grab some of these kids and get some work done." I said to myself, "After this year, I'm done."