Oakland filmmaker Mario Bobino on the set of My Culture

In his first interview since winning a pair of awards at the Universe Multicultural Film Festival, Oakland filmmaker Mario Bobino goes through the challenges of making independent movies as a show of intestinal fortitude when others had closed their doors. From music videos in the late 80’s to the breakthrough of My Culture, Bobino talks to Dave about stumbles along the way but stayed true to his commitment and passion to make it happen. Bobino shares how his experiences with troubled kids helped develop his film characters and the rewarding experience in helping turn lives around. Also, in a mixture of supreme confidence and humility, he shares his experience sauntering into Netflix headquarters in pursuit of a distribution deal only to be escorted from the facility by security guards. In this podcast, Bobino demonstrates that victory in the game of life often comes from just being willing to play. Life is about the journey.

The Dave Lewis Show
The Dave Lewis Show
Oakland Filmmaker Bobino's Perseverance Pays off with Success of My Culture
August 2, 2020

Oakland Filmmaker Bobino’s Perseverance Pays off with Success of My Culture

"I went to the Netflix office, had on my suit and the receptionist said 'Good morning' and I just walked right past her like I was supposed to be there. And then I got to the elevator and I'm like 'I got this far. Now I gotta go talk to somebody.' So I asked some woman, 'Who do you talk to about getting a film distributed. I just made a movie.' She said, 'Okay, let me get back to you, sir.' And she goes in the elevator. I didn't know what floor to go to. Then security comes down and escorts me out of there...so driving back I felt good because at least I tried. I had confidence enough in myself to think if I could have got past that door, if somebody saw my movie, it would have been picked up.'
September 7, 2018

Mario Bobino: The rebirth of a film maker.

"When I had failure on my last project, which was for a famous person, everyone turned their back on me....I knew what I could do if got the money so I went through my phone book. I went through 1,000 people and nobody was messing with me. Nobody. So this one person who I just decided to ask, who I didn't think was gonna say 'yes' ended up saying 'yes'.