Vernon Glenn rewarded for patience–finally sports director at KPIX

On working with Gary Radnich: "There's something he said when I first started that resonated with me and still does even today. He said if you want to make a niche in this market and if you want to be a presence in this market, you do something where you walk up to somebody and go 'name something that somebody did that you remembered.' And If they rattle off stuff then you've done your job."

After more than three decades in the San Francisco Bay Area, Vern Glenn finally is able to check something off the to-do list. The man known as “Mr. Involvement” had made his mark in the Bay Area as the popular every man. He would channel his inner Walter Mitty in doing things we all have dreamed of or, at the very least, wondered what it would be like. Glenn rode a dirtbike for the first time and wearing professional and college football uniforms–before getting pummeled in drills. He’s been beloved and successful but had never been the main sports anchor–the headliner. The wait is over for Glenn as “Mr. Involvement” has made the transformation to Mr. Sports Director.

Glenn prides himself on being an example to his family and aspiring broadcasters–embracing the changes in the industry to reinvent himself. He realized to survive in the business that multi-tasking is essential. The “one-man band” became his own staff–cameraman, producer, editor and talent. In his conversation with Dave, Glenn explains the journey and how Gary Radnich shaped his approach to the business.

The interview was recorded after the Warriors’ Game 5 win in Sacramento so Vern offered his thoughts on the series and how experience rises to the top. The same can be said of his own life. Enjoy the visit with the multi-Emmy Award winner Vern Glenn.

The Dave Lewis Show
The Dave Lewis Show
Vernon Glenn rewarded for patience--finally sports director at KPIX

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