The Sac Bee’s Joe Davidson talks record heat impact on sports and Sacramento State’s rising star running back

"Work within reason and sanity. And don't do practices when it's 105, 110 or 115. It sounds like we're exaggerating but no, that's how hot it's been. And high school coaches, college coaches be flexible. Nighttime practices or early morning because you can't do it when it's 115 despite tradition, schedules and normalcy...because you could have a disaster."

Sacramento Bee sports journalist Joe Davidson

Joe Davidson has been the preeminent journalist covering Sacramento sports since 1988. In his chat with Dave, Davidson explores the issues for section high schools trying to practice and play in record-breaking temperatures. The subject captured the front page with the collapse of a Del Oro football player while practicing in 115 degrees. Joe moves from high to college following a season-opening win for nationally ranked Sacramento State with a breakout performance from sophomore running back Cameron Skattebo. How far can the Hornets go this year? Davidson also addresses the prospects for Sacramento Republic FC after at a deep run the U.S. Open Cup.

The Dave Lewis Show
The Dave Lewis Show
The Sac Bee's Joe Davidson talks record heat impact on sports and Sacramento State's rising star running back

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