"The year we cut the program for football was our freshmen year," said former Bronco Drew Zurek. "Within a couple weeks, it may have been that week, we were playing in Moraga. And their students! I don't know how many footballs we saw in the crowd that day. They had students that went behind our bench and were playing catch with the football right in front of the Santa Clara crowd."

Rocking the mic for Saint Mary’s basketball with play-by-play man Alex Jensen

Once upon a time, Saint Mary’s versus Santa Clara brought out generations of loathing in all sports. From my time in the South Bay as the voice of the Broncos, players at Santa Clara learned of their hate-filled responsibilities shortly after finding the locker room. Likewise, Saint Mary’s viewed the games against Santa Clara as season-makers. Fans fought in the stands, pranks were played and some emotionally–charged fans ended up in jail.

Over the last decade, the basketball programs have trended in different directions, taking some steam out of the rivalry. As luck would have it and with the blessing of some amazing people in Moraga, I’m now the color commentator at Saint Mary’s. It’s a true blessing to have friends on both sides of the rivalry. Former Gael Frank Knight and ex-Bronco Drew Zurek look back at the intensity and disdain for their opponent.

The Dave Lewis Show
The Dave Lewis Show
Pure Hate: Rivals Compare Notes on Saint Mary's v. Santa Clara

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