Preview of Songs of Berlin with Jazz Composer Jack Cooper

"Sometimes you have a mental block or not getting to where you want to be. I put it down for a little bit, Dave. I'll let is gestate in my subconscious and I just go to sleep. I usually wake up in the morning or the next morning and it comes to me. So I kind of allow the computer to work on it in the subconscious...and I come back to it and it's like 'Ohhhhhhhh, that's what I really want.' And it starts to write itself after that.

University of Memphis jazz professor Jack Cooper

University of Memphis Jazz professor Jack Cooper is proud of show off his latest work with the backstory of the tracks from Songs of Berlin. Cooper breaks down the nuances of what makes great music and why this collection has such a special place in his heart. The longtime educator discusses the challenges of teaching during the pandemic to keep the students positive and engaged. In the wide-ranging discussion, Cooper touches on the “cancellation” of Pepe Le Pew, the qualities of a good conductor and how he met his wife. While regular folks use music to escape, Cooper explains what he does to unplug and recharge his batteries. With so much division in America, Dave and Cooper embrace the healing power of music.

Preview of Songs of Berlin with Jazz Composer Jack Cooper

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