Panthers’ Kurt Bryan on building winning culture in the IFL

"I'm what's known as an 'over-communicator' so the players never have to wonder what I'm thinking or how I'm feeling. They know it's all about them. The staff is human, too. So don't mistake our kindness for weakness. So that's our approach. Always make sure they know what, how and why we're doing something. So win the day, win the week and win every game. I've never met a player or coach who practices to lose...when things don't go your way, we can either change what we're doing, change how we're doing it and/or change who we're doing it with."

Bay Area Panthers head coach Kurt Bryan

Heading into the rematch with perennial power Arizona, Bay Area Panthers head Coach Kurt Bryan looks to pull off the upset while navigating the growing pains of an expansion franchise in the Indoor Football League. Bryan discusses the keys to slowing down the six-time champions along with his foundation for remaining positive in the face of life’s obstacles–a critical trait in the inaugural season. The coach breaks down the team’s core principles of “Performance, Class and Culture. He also expresses gratitude to the organization for the commitment and support of his wife, Dolly in taking on the new challenge. Bryan also discusses the creation of his revolutionary A-11 offense in search of a competitive advantage during his time at Piedmont High School.

The Dave Lewis Show
The Dave Lewis Show
Panthers' Kurt Bryan on building winning culture in the IFL

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  1. Coach Brown says:

    Well done. Great interview. Go Panthers!

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