College basketball analyst Bill Herenda and Dave Lewis

Near the end of his run at the morning sports anchor at KFPK in Sacramento, Bill Herenda took a leap of faith. He moved is family to Southern California to look for other opportunities. While knocking on doors for jobs as a basketball analyst, Herenda began exploring acting. On Feb. 7, 2019, Herenda made his network television debut on an episode of S.W.A.T on CBS. Hear what’s next for this up-and-comer who’s proving it’s never to late to chase a dream.

Bill Herenda’s Hollywood Breatkthrough

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February 8, 2019

Bill Herenda’s Hollywood Breatkthrough

"If you're not nervous, that's a problem...Pressure is a privilege. I think that may have been Billie Jean King. And to really understand that and get after it, it's really important. And I think there's a balance, too. Of recognizing you are enough, too. And that's what Jenna Fischer talks about in her book that sometimes you don't have to be over the top--that you are enough."
January 24, 2019

Getting to know Jojo on the Radio: From Michael Jackson to the Paranormal

"My mom would take me and my sister on picnics and she thought it was a nice place to sit and have lunch...and she would take us to graveyards and we would just sit and eat outside the graveyard...we weren't visiting Uncle so-and-so who we miss and love. Nothing like that. It was just a place outdoors to chill and I'd walk around the graveyard thinking "Man, this is fascinating yet scary. There was something very creep about it.
December 24, 2018

Catching up with Dick Davey

"We had two and half minutes to talk. None of the coaches did for about two minutes and 20 seconds. And then I kind of realized what we needed to do. And I said to the team, 'Gentlemen, we need to score." And we broke and went out and ended up winning the game. So it just goes to show you how important coaching is. You have to be technically very sound."
December 13, 2018

Catching up with Internationally Known Jazz Composer Jack Cooper

"Macy Gray is known across the profession as a problem. She's lost a lot of work that way. And she was a huge superstar, as you know...Fortunately, I wasn't in charge of the gig"
December 9, 2018

Pure Hate: Rivals Compare Notes on Saint Mary’s v. Santa Clara

"The year we cut the program for football was our freshmen year," said former Bronco Drew Zurek. "Within a couple weeks, it may have been that week, we were playing in Moraga. And their students! I don't know how many footballs we saw in the crowd that day. They had students that went behind our bench and were playing catch with the football right in front of the Santa Clara crowd."
December 2, 2018

Jay Love of Mix 94.1: Cancer-free and Making the Most of his Second Chance

Three years ago, J. Love was diagnosed with Stage 4 throat cancer, enduring excruciating chemotherapy and radiation. Today, he’s cancer-free and the program director of Mix […]