Bay Area singer/songwriter Brooke Michael Smith stays hopeful during COVID-19 pandemic

Bay Area singer/songwriter Brooke Michael Smith stays hopeful curing COVID-19 pandemic[/caption]Bay Area singer/songwriter Brooke Michael Smith is choosing to focus on hope during the COVID-19 pandemic while continuing to shelter-in-place with her six-year-old daughter in Oakland. In her conversation with Dave, she shares the therapeutic nature of songwriting as an expression of self-growth, reflection and dreams. Smith explains some of her inspirations, her recordings and performs live while playing acoustic guitar. The self-described night owl tells the story of how moving from St. Louis to Los Angeles was turning point in who she is today.

Bay Area Singer/Songwriter Brooke Michael Smith Stays Hopeful During COVID-19 Pandemic

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April 5, 2020

Bay Area Singer/Songwriter Brooke Michael Smith Stays Hopeful During COVID-19 Pandemic

"Everyone is dealing with some version of isolation and we're all kind of in the same boat. I know some people certainly have it harder than others...and I know with all the loss, there's certainly an opportunity for renewal. I'd like to think you'd have to think that way. Otherwise, what do you have. You have to go where the hope is."
March 26, 2020

KPIX’s O’Donnell Embracing Working from Home During the Coronavirus Crisis

"We got back to basics. We're all cooped up in the same house. We do things together. Last night, we watched Arthur together....we play corn hole, we cook breakfast together so in a funny way, it's a good bonding experience during this terrible time."
March 5, 2020

Anna Neitzel of Neverlyn on New Album Taking the Band to Next Level

"There's definitely some about my personal relationships in there and we find sneaky ways to let those people know. There's lines and words and specific lyrics that to anyone else, they wouldn't get it or wouldn't think 'Oh, that's about me.' But me make sure that it's known."
February 26, 2020

Walk-on Creates Unforgettable Moment for Saint Mary’s Randy Bennett

"You couldn't draw up a better last home game scenario for him. He's been such a great story. Great kid. Great leadership. He didn't get a lot of minutes but is as committed as anyone on our team to working hard and us being good. It was cool. The fans were cheering for him and yelling 'Sheets! Sheets! Sheets!' and I couldn't fight 'em off any longer. So let me let his guy loose and he hits the shot. It was just incredible. It's one of my favorite moments at Saint Mary's...I'll never forget that one."
February 24, 2020

Howard Cato Making a Difference with Bay Area BMXers

"What hurt us bad is that for some reason they put a stop to us going into the juvenile hall and teaching the kids...when the system kind of shuts down because someone's claiming they don't have enough workers....I've been through the system and the reason I wanted to go to the juvenile hall is because I've been there before. Other people gotta understand that when come into these juvenile halls and come into these places, these kids don't want to hearing nothing about no talking because they hear that every day. They want to hear what can you do for them."
February 12, 2020

WNBA Reshanda Gray’s Life-Changing Meeting with Kobe Bryant

"Kobe have to envision, see yourself being great even if you're not great yet. I'm like 13 or 14 and I'm like 'what the hell does that mean.?' Eventually, I got older and started to watch him win championships and I think it's starting to click of what he was saying. I have to see myself so I have to envision even though I'm not there, I still have to work toward being there because that's my end goal."