San Jose Sharks radio broadcaster Dan Rusanowsky

With the end of the NHL regular season, the San Jose Sharks will miss the playoffs for only the second time in 16 years when and if there is a postseason. The team’s longtime radio announcer Dan Rusanowsky chatted with Dave about how he’s been spending his shelter-in-place. Rusanowsky offered his love of cooking and go-to dishes along with discussing the team’s future and what is needed to back to the playoffs. Will longtime fan favorite and future Hall of Famer Joe Thornton return to the team next season? The Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame announcer looks back at some of the best teams in franchise history that knocked on the door of a championship along with the steps being taken to bring hockey to young people without the normal resources to take up the sport.

Sharks Radio Broadcaster Dan Rusanowsky’s Recipe for Quarantine Bliss

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May 28, 2020

Sharks Radio Broadcaster Dan Rusanowsky’s Recipe for Quarantine Bliss

"Best guess is I say he comes back just because I'm never ever going to count out Joe Thornton for wanting to play. And my guess is his love of the game is as great as it was when he was 20 and he's a guy who's got plenty left in terms of being able to contribute. Having said that, do I think he's going to win the Art Ross Trophy? No. All great players go through this period where they change their role and the way they contribute to a team. Joe Thornton will always be someone who can help with the power play, developing young players and showing the work ethic and so forth. He has that fertile hockey mind that's so rare."
May 21, 2020

Spokane Sports Icon Dennis Patchin Between Haircuts and Jobs During Coronavirus Crisis

"Maybe it was time to go. I always said 36 years in one market at one station in our business is a really good run. And I'm really okay with what we did; how we did and how we accomplished it. And if that's the end, if I don't do anything ever again other than to be a husband, a dad and a grandpa, I'm really good with that."
April 29, 2020

Mandi Thomas from “The Voice” Shows Perseverance Pays off

"I would definitely say to stay persistent. I did try a few times before and got to the second round and just not be what they're looking for that season. But so many good people get turned away. I knew that in the back of my mind...they're not turning me away because I'm not good enough and that's what kept me going. And then having my students on there, I was like. 'maybe this is more attainable than I thought it was so I'll try again' lucky this time. Got through. Got noticed."
April 16, 2020

Atlanta Hawks Head Coach Lloyd Pierce Embraces Blessings Through the Crisis

"It's really an opportunity for me to try and get better as a person, as a coach, as a human being and as a family member. I say it all the time. 'I'm not afraid to learn.' And so I'm using every opportunity that I can to learn something new. Everybody's on Zoom; everybody's on Facetime chats. I'm doing a lot of audio books. I'm trying to read from and hear everything I possibly can. It's a great opportunity to just grow."
April 5, 2020

Bay Area Singer/Songwriter Brooke Michael Smith Stays Hopeful During COVID-19 Pandemic

"Everyone is dealing with some version of isolation and we're all kind of in the same boat. I know some people certainly have it harder than others...and I know with all the loss, there's certainly an opportunity for renewal. I'd like to think you'd have to think that way. Otherwise, what do you have. You have to go where the hope is."
March 26, 2020

KPIX’s O’Donnell Embracing Working from Home During the Coronavirus Crisis

"We got back to basics. We're all cooped up in the same house. We do things together. Last night, we watched Arthur together....we play corn hole, we cook breakfast together so in a funny way, it's a good bonding experience during this terrible time."