Pop Singer Angie Maserati
photo credit: Jay Dixon and Kevin Thomas

After raising two sons and spending years in cover bands, Angie Maserati decided this is her time to make a mark in the music industry. This isn’t a “let’s try this” or a midlife crisis–singing has always been Maserati’s passion and the pieces have fallen into place to go for it now. The artist talks with Dave about the power of goal setting, being a role model, mother and that it’s never too late to get started. She’s out to fulfill her destiny and make a difference in the world. Angie has been knocking on the door and ready to kick it in. Be ready to be charmed by a singer who won’t take no for an answer.

Angie Maserati is Going Pedal to the Metal for Musical Success

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September 28, 2018

Angie Maserati is Going Pedal to the Metal for Musical Success

"I never show up knowing what I'm getting paid for a gig. I never ask. I'll leave without getting my check, which is not good. So managers out there who are listening and think they can rip me off, no!
September 13, 2018

Success is in the cards for Chet Yoder

"There's nights I have to work until 8 a.m. and then have my morning staff meeting with the Mudbugs at 8:45. So I have to go straight from the casino to the staff meeting and start my day like it never ended. Those are days you're not seeing correctly. Sometimes, you're sleep deprived and I'm asking myself, 'What are you doing here?' Am I seriously going to work insane hours, have no life outside these two jobs, just to try to make it, TRY to make it as a hockey broadcaster?"
September 7, 2018

Mario Bobino: The rebirth of a film maker.

"When I had failure on my last project, which was for a famous person, everyone turned their back on me....I knew what I could do if got the money so I went through my phone book. I went through 1,000 people and nobody was messing with me. Nobody. So this one person who I just decided to ask, who I didn't think was gonna say 'yes' ended up saying 'yes'.
August 6, 2018

Larry Beil of ABC 7: How to handle a daughter’s suitor “with authority”

We live on the back of this hill and I told my daughter, "Just let any of these dudes know if I catch them with alcohol, I'm throwing them over the fence. They're not going back out the front door. They are going over the fence and down the hill."
July 25, 2018

Former Sabercats Coach Darren Arbet Reinvents Himself at Cabrillo College

I said, "Hey, Coach. I'm going to go grab a bite?. He goes "Lunch? I've got four kids over there. I don't even know who they are. Their coach sent 'em here. Three guys over there don't have 12 units. Those four over there don't have a place to stay. We still gotta do playbooks. There's some stale donuts in the foyer there. Grab some of them if you're hungry and grab some of these kids and get some work done." I said to myself, "After this year, I'm done."
July 16, 2018

Comedian Cody Woods Journey to the Big Time is no Joke

"Stand up is so contingent on failure--more than anything else. That's how you learn is literally failure. That's the only way to get good is to just fail all the time. There's no one that was just good."