Pac-12 Network’s Krista Blunk on anniversary of Title IX, Juwan Howard, St. Mary’s chances and Olympic Games broadcasting debut

"You're supposed to be a good sport. Someone is going to win the game and somebody's going to lose the game...I just remember and athletic director of mine saying 'you can't be so hard on yourself if you miss a shot. If you're willing to take the shot, it's either going to go in or it's not. And if you can't handle those odds then you shouldn't take the shot.' And if you can't handle the odds of 'you might lose this game" also then maybe you shouldn't be a part of it. I think that we ought to be able to fist bump or shake hands and respect what an opponent is capable of doing maybe better than you were capable of doing that day."

Krista Blunk from the Pac-12 Network catches up with Dave

Ramping up for a busy March, Krista Blunk and Dave shared thoughts on the 50th anniversary of Title IX and the pioneers of women’s sports. Blunk also offers her two cents on the Juwan Howard situation, following the altercation in the handshake line with Wisconsin’s Greg Gard. The topic brought up the one time Blunk was ejected from a game as a Hall of Fame player at Evansville. According to Blunk, all signs point to a rematch between Stanford and South Carolina in the women’s NCAA Tournament. Blunk and Dave also discussed West Coast Conference basketball with Saint Mary’s prepping for a showdown with top-ranked Gonzaga, led by 6th year point guard Tommy Kuhse. She reflects on her experience broadcasting the Summer Olympics for the very first time and the love of dogs. Good broadcaster and even better person.

The Dave Lewis Show
The Dave Lewis Show
Pac-12 Network's Krista Blunk on anniversary of Title IX, Juwan Howard, St. Mary's chances and Olympic Games broadcasting debut

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