"When I first started, it was all about the wins. That's all I cared about was figuring out how I could win and a lot of the mentors were telling me when I was younger, 'Don't worry about the wins. The wins are byproducts of what you do. Just do what you do and do it right the wins are going to come. Don't worry about it.' And I was young and dumb and didn't really understand how to coach...Now I'm getting to the point where I understand what they were trying to tell me."

Frank Knight retires the jersey of Oscar Frayer

Moreau Catholic High School boys basketball coach Frank Knight remembers vividly getting the news that one of the cornerstones of Mariners program was gone. At the age of 23, Oscar Frayer passed away in a car accident following an appearance in the NCAA Tournament for Grand Canyon University. Knight reflects on what Frayer meant to Moreau Catholic and how he will continue to have an impact. The coach looks back at the first annual Oscar Frayer Invitational and how hard it was to play a game against Saint Francis following the retirement ceremony of Frayer’s jersey, the first in school history. Sharing the challenges of the profession, Knight shares with Dave the highs and lows of coaching his sons and how his priorities have shifted after so many years in the game.

The Dave Lewis Show
The Dave Lewis Show
Oscar Frayer Invitational emotional for Moreau Catholic's Frank Knight

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