NBA insider Bill Herenda on early season trends; Curry explosion.

On the Marvin Bagley controversy in Sacramento: "I think this will blow over myself, personally. They've got to rise above it and realize it's got to be about winning; not about the scuttlebutt or family's unfortunate. I talk to a lot of people and they don't think that players have really changed that much but perhaps the people around them and I think this is a reflection of that. "

NBA contributor, college basketball analyst and actor Bill Herenda

Veteran NBA insider Bill Herenda takes a look at the start of the NBA season with the biggest surprises and disappointments after two weeks. Does the sample size reveal anything about any problems in Brooklyn? Herenda also touches on how social media can be fuel for motivation in the example of Steph Curry’s career-best 62-point outburst against Portland. And the need to dismiss potential online distractions in the case of the Sacramento Kings with the father of Marvin Bagley tweeting his son should be traded. Which rookies are making the biggest impact? Bill is also an actor in Los Angeles, reflecting on his breakthrough performance on S.W.A.T, motivation from a star from The Office and advice for artists in a challenging profession.

NBA insider Bill Herenda on early season trends; Curry explosion.

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