Mandi Thomas from “The Voice” Shows Perseverance Pays off

"I would definitely say to stay persistent. I did try a few times before and got to the second round and just not be what they're looking for that season. But so many good people get turned away. I knew that in the back of my mind...they're not turning me away because I'm not good enough and that's what kept me going. And then having my students on there, I was like. 'maybe this is more attainable than I thought it was so I'll try again' lucky this time. Got through. Got noticed."

Memphis native Mandi Thomas of “The Voice” is a proud member of Team Kelly

A calculated risk in the “Blind Audition” was the springboard for Memphis native Mandi Thomas’ run to the live shows on NBC’s “The Voice”. As Kelly Clarkson turned her chair, Thomas looked into the eyes of her inspiration and finally broke through, earning a roster spot on Team Kelly. The daring opera performance was a precursor to two more head-to-head wins and rising confidence. As the pressure ratchets up, Thomas talks to Dave about the preparation challenges while being sheltered-in-place, the importance of perseverance and reluctantly reveals a hidden talent. The vocal coach and part-time poker player is pushing her chips in the center of the table and going “all in” for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

The Dave Lewis Show
The Dave Lewis Show
Mandi Thomas from "The Voice" Shows Perseverance Pays off

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