Kate Scott from 95.7 The Game makes her NBA play-by-play debut

"For a number of years, you're lucky if you're even breaking even let alone making any money. I still remember saying 'yes' to high school sideline up in Sacramento for $125. So after I would drive there and back with the gas and whatever cheap fast food I was buying that day., I'd get ready in a Target of Bed Bath and Beyond bathroom.....and just having one more thing to put on the resume reel. One more practice because it's all about the reps."

Play-by-play announcer and morning radio host Kate Scott

Before calling her first NBA game, Kate Scott from 95.7 The Game spent some time with Dave to offer her thoughts on the opportunity to wind down Women’s History Month. The co-host of the Morning Roast describes how the shot with the Warriors came about along with the challenges of doing a new morning show during a pandemic–establishing rapport with her co-workers through Zoom. Scott embraces the responsibility of being a role model for other women aspiring to break into the business and joy of being the owner/mother of Piper the rescue dog.

Kate Scott from 95.7 The Game makes her NBA play-by-play debut

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