"It's really interesting if we don't chose where we place our focus, we tend to focus on negative things. If there are 100 people in the audience and 99 of them are our friends, our family and loved ones and one of them is a critic from The Chronicle, where's your focus going to be?....We all were cavemen thousands of years ago and the way we survived: we cam out of cave and we'd look around and and we'd say is there anything out there that's gonna eat us?"

Bay Area musician and acting coach Bobby

Living with an attitude of gratitude, Bay Area musician and acting coach Bobby Weinapple reinvented himself during the COVID-19 pandemic and debuts a song of hope on Dave’s show. Weinapple discusses his teaching philosophy with sports metaphors–how performers can get themselves in peak state while living in the moment–not getting caught up in script memorization as keys to character development. He addresses personal development with habit forming in any area of life as critical to growth. Weinapple also explains why his dog’s approach to the Coronavirus offers insight into the animal’s political leanings.

For more info on Weinapple and where you can get his music: www.robertweinapple.com /musician.

The Dave Lewis Show
The Dave Lewis Show
Bay Area Musician and Acting Coach Bobby Weinapple Debuts Post-Pandemic Inspirational Song

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