After more than three decades in the San Francisco Bay Area, Vern Glenn finally is able to check something off the to-do list. The man known as “Mr. Involvement” had made his mark in the Bay Area as the popular every man. He would channel his inner Walter Mitty in doing things we all have dreamed of or, at the very least, wondered what it would be like. Glenn rode a dirtbike for the first time and wearing professional and college football uniforms–before getting pummeled in drills. He’s been beloved and successful but had never been the main sports anchor–the headliner. The wait is over for Glenn as “Mr. Involvement” has made the transformation to Mr. Sports Director.

Glenn prides himself on being an example to his family and aspiring broadcasters–embracing the changes in the industry to reinvent himself. He realized to survive in the business that multi-tasking is essential. The “one-man band” became his own staff–cameraman, producer, editor and talent. In his conversation with Dave, Glenn explains the journey and how Gary Radnich shaped his approach to the business.

The interview was recorded after the Warriors’ Game 5 win in Sacramento so Vern offered his thoughts on the series and how experience rises to the top. The same can be said of his own life. Enjoy the visit with the multi-Emmy Award winner Vern Glenn.

The Dave Lewis Show
The Dave Lewis Show
Vernon Glenn rewarded for patience--finally sports director at KPIX
April 27, 2023

Vernon Glenn rewarded for patience–finally sports director at KPIX

On working with Gary Radnich: "There's something he said when I first started that resonated with me and still does even today. He said if you want to make a niche in this market and if you want to be a presence in this market, you do something where you walk up to somebody and go 'name something that somebody did that you remembered.' And If they rattle off stuff then you've done your job."
April 13, 2023

Troy Taylor laying the foundation for success at Stanford

"I won the starting job over a real good player who was the starting quaterback the year before. And I was playing my old school, Bella Vista High School, in our very first game. On my first pass, I threw an interception. One of the assistant coaches on the staff...wanted to pull me to get me out of the game and put the other quarterback in the there. In fact, I was standing there as he told (Head Coach) Max Miller to go with the other quarterback. I'll never forget it. It was a turning point in my life. Max never even looked at him and said, "Troy's our quarterback. I went back in and we had an unbelievable year. It really changed my life.
March 4, 2023

Saint Mary’s Play-by-Play announcer Alex Jensen

On Randy Bennett: "Obviously basketball plays a big role but it's about people. That's what makes him special. He cares about the people...He's such a great fit for Saint Mary's college and vice versa. Beyond that, what he's built at Saint Mary's is unbelievable. And that he's stayed, that's the most important thing.
February 9, 2023

After 30 Years Johnny Doskow Reaches “The Show”

"I said it's probably not going to happen. I talked to my wife about it. I still love what I did. I love what I do. Calling play-by-play at the Triple A level is a lot of fun and it was something like 'If it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, it doesn't.' I was at peace with it the last five or six years where I looked at I'm an age where it probably won't happen. Let's be honest. Let's be realistic about it. But I never gave up hope and always wanted to get to the next level."
January 28, 2023

Former Sac State Corner Prince Washington Ready for the Next Level

"Music is a way to express how I'm feeling...With football I can express myself on the field but only do so much as far as expressing myself. Off the field, music is how I can express myself.
January 19, 2023

KOA’s Marty Lenz on love of dogs, Denver sports and achieving a healthy balance in the radio business

After a seven-year run at legendary news station KCBS, Mary Lenz had an offer he couldn’t refuse. The morning news anchor at KOA has a chance […]