Donnel Pumphrey is the all-time leading rusher in FBS history

Former San Diego State star running back Donnel Pumphrey visits with Dave to talk about his memorable career, life’s ups and downs along with a passion for coaching.

Pumphrey set the all-time FBS rushing record in front of friends and family at the Las Vegas Bowl in 2016, eclipsing the mark set by former Wisconsin great Ron Dayne.

The journey includes mentorship from coaches like former Arena Football League star Hunkie Cooper and Rocky Long. But there was no greater in influence than his mom who kept Pumphrey accountable and focused to make something of his life.

His life demanded greater accountability by becoming a parent while in high school. Now a father of three, Pumphrey has aligned his priorities while creating a better life for his family.

Pumphrey is now the running backs coach at Sacramento State University of the Big Sky Conference.

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The Dave Lewis Show
The Dave Lewis Show
The all-time leading rusher in FBS, Donnel Pumphrey on his record-setting career, family and transition to coaching
October 9, 2023

The all-time leading rusher in FBS, Donnel Pumphrey on his record-setting career, family and transition to coaching

"At times, I try to show these guys some of my film so I can coach off of that. A lot of times, they think I'm talking just to talk but I try to show them that I lived it and I've done everything that I'm saying, which a lot I've learned from previous coaches. I'm just giving back that same knowledge that was once given to me and I'm just trying to give that back."
October 3, 2023

Sacramento State football Offensive Coordinator Bobby Fresques

"One good thing with all those siblings is that you always had someone to play with. You didn't have to go down the street and look for friends because there were always people in the house to play with. But with me being the youngest out of this family and six brothers being in the fold--they were helped me and mentored me along the way. My brother Paul was huge in my development as far as making me workout, set goals, teaching me about the game. My brothers Pat, Ron and Don are huge supporters and there to talk to and express my feelings about the game.
September 18, 2023

Sac State’s Andy Thompson after upset of Stanford in college football

"I have a lot to learn. Everyday, I learn something new...There weren't nearly as many interviews or a lot more cameras but behind the scenes everyday, I try to stay in a routine because you are responsible for more things. That's been the biggest challenge--making sure I'm the head coach and that I'm here for everybody in the program and not just one side of the ball as I was before. It's been very rewarding to be around so many great people that are trying to help you. Our staff has been awesome. We've hired some new guys that are great. The guys that were here--we've formed a bond we share that is very strong. And just working for a guy like Mark Orr, who's been there to help me through everything as the Athletic Director. I don't feel like I'm doing this alone.
August 20, 2023

Sacramento icon Jordan Ford takes his shot at the NBA

On getting to play with the Kings, Ford's hometown team: "It's amazing to have everything come back full circle. To be back in Sacramento it's crazy because as a professional, you don't exactly where you're gonna play. I've played in Greece; I've played down in L.A. For me to be back is such a super rare situation...I'm super blessed and grateful I can end up back in my hometown."
August 17, 2023

IFL National Championship Game MVP Dalton Sneed

"Where it hit me the most was our intro running onto the field. The corner of the end zone and the tunnel we came out of--it was like deja vu because I remember vividly running out of that tunnel being introduced for my first start in Vegas. My first game was the first game of the Vegas franchise and I was the starting quarterback for that game. When I came out of that tunnel, it was 'Dalton Sneed for the Vegas Knight Hawks.' Now, I was standing in this tunnel and they were about to call us out...It's amazing how life works and comes full circle. I was a part of that team and it felt like in a blink of an eye I was back there in that tunnel standing in the same spot thinking 'Wow'. The only words I had for it were "Wow, I'm about to run out of this tunnel and play for a national championship."
June 29, 2023

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